Smart Sliding Doors By ARRC

Sliding doors are equipped with two or more sashes that are placed on tracks that allow the doors to slide horizontally. The sliding mechanism can either go from left to right or vice-versa, depending upon the installation and when the doors are placed upon their tracks, the sliders can either be placed at the top of the door or at the bottom. Sliding doors are installed parallel to the walls and generally have two panel sections, where one of the panel sections is fixed and the other is moveable.

ARRC’s range of uPVC & Aluminium sliding doors is robust and requires very less maintenance thanks to the sturdiness and durability. You can also choose to install ARRC’s sliding doors at offices, for they promise to impart a great first impression to anyone who visits, and they do not require a lot of efforts when it comes to maintaining their new-like appearance. The construction of these doors ensures that they can stand strong against radiation and climate changes year after year. This again helps in reducing the maintenance costs of the sliding doors as well.