Balcony Doors

Weathertight doors for cabin balconies designed to withstand the required design pressures, realized with upvc or stainless steel profiles treated and painted  for marine environment. Available with special ramps to meet ADA requirements.

Antrasite Grey Sand
Nut -Tree
Alux DB-703
Pure White
turner oak malt
turner oak toffee
sheffield oak alpine
sheffield oak concrete
aludec anthracite grey
aludec jet black
aludec DB703
aludec basalt grey
aludec umbra grey
aludec window grey
aludec traffic white
IDEAL 4000 - 70MM
IDEAL 2000 - 70MM
IDEAL 4000 - 85MM
IDEAL 2000 - 85MM
ENERGETO 4000 - 70MM
ENERGETO 2000 - 70MM
ENERGETO 2000 - 85 MM

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