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Entrance Doors

Quality entrance systems start with quality components. Our UPVC & Aluminium door collections are made-to-order and built by talented craftspeople in all over the world. We source premium quality material, guaranteeing quality and performance for years to come.

Key Features
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Proper sound protection
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Great value for money
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Sliding Doors

ARRC’s range of uPVC & Aluminium sliding doors is robust and requires very less maintenance thanks to the sturdiness and durability. You can also choose to install ARRC’s sliding doors at offices, for they promise to impart a great first impression to anyone who visits, and they do not require a lot of efforts when it comes to maintaining their new-like appearance.

Key Features
  • Space Saving & Durable
  • Harmonizing indoor & outdoor spaces
  • Safe & Energy efficient
  • Water resistant closed cell weatherstripping
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Lift & Slide Doors

Lift and Slide range of sliding doors are designed to accommodate large openings, creating expansive glass walls with unusually large panels. These glass doors give your home the convenience and space, which a hinged door cannot provide.

Key Features
  • Smooth sliding panels with heavy duty hardware
  • Large panel size for heavy load bearing capacity
  • Better weather sealing with double compression seal
  • Easy handling of hardware with internal linkages
  • Provision to stop slider panel midway (providing a partial opening)
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Sound Proof Doors

Become the proud owner of a soundproof and noise-free home with ARRC Aluminium & UPVC Doors and windows. Featuring JIS-certified soundproofing efficiency, ARRC aluminium & UPVC doors act as the perfect barrier between your home and external noises. Designed to block all potential entryways for noise leakage, our aluminium doors transform your home into a noise-free zone of sheer comfort and delight.

Key Features
  • 25db Noise Insulation with single glass
  • 5 mm silicon sealant at all corners
  • Impeccable Sealing with EPDM & Nano Gaskets
  • Glass thickness upto 31.4 mm
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Fold & Slide Doors

Folding & sliding doors or bi-fold sliding doors can be just the architectural feature that makes your home stand out. Choosing to install uPVC sliding & folding doors by ARRC  will prove to be a brilliant addition for your home as they will help create a stunning and contemporary environment for you to rest, play, and work in.

Key Features
  • Block Rainwater Seepage
  • Protection Form Strom
  • Prevents Dust Buildup
  • Large View Ample Sunlight
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“ Quality Services & Excellent Work!”

ARRC sure does help your dreams come true! It was impossible to find the proper doors and windows for our town house, but here we got everything we needed and more! The service was fantastic, thank you so much!

Rajnish Dubey

There is always a huge lack of time to clean the house, and specifically the windows which are honestly pretty large in our house… However, now that we have found you, we can always rely on your wonderful window services.

Nidhi Tiwari

I wish I had learned about this amazing company sooner! The service is beyond satisfactory, and I have no words to describe the job that you guys did for my house. We now feel safe at our new home with new doors and windows!

Pravesh Sharma