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Upvc doors and windows for modern homes

Upvc doors and windows for modern homes:

Whether designing a residential, commercial or institutional building, architects and owners carefully consider the qualities and long-term advantages of fenestration materials. Windows and doors provide essential protection and architectural character to a building and also adhere to various owner-driven requirements including aesthetics, cost, performance, maintenance and life cycle. Earlier, windows and doors in residential and commercial constructions in India were merely looked at as apertures in the wall, and traditionally made of mild steel, wood or aluminium and simple float glass apart from some basic hardware such as handles, shoot-bolts, hinges, etc. However, windows have come a long way from being insignificant to being recognised as the single most important area in the envelope or shell of the building for preventing energy loss and providing in-habitat comfort. Wood as the mainstay for doors and windows is fast making way for uPVC frames in most of the new, big residential projects, a switch to an eco-friendly alternative that requires little maintenance too.

As we are aware and is also a the proven fact that upvc doors and upvc windows have several intangible benefits over their counterparts as they are fire, wind, and moisture resistant, aesthetic, long lasting, thermally and acoustically insulated, and can be customised according to individual requirements. It is a low thermal conductive material and is proved to prevent loss of energy by up to 30-35% and also prevents thermal bridging, thus avoiding condensation unlike aluminium. uPVC never rots, flakes, rusts, fades, pits, peels or corrodes. It needs only a light soapy wash and a check of the seals for maintenance.

Globally, the uPVC window and upvc door system market share ranges from 60-80% in most countries while the predominant material of construction in India is still timber (in rural and in upper end constructions), mild steel (in low cost housing) and aluminium (in urban constructions). The Indian window and door market was around INR 12,000 crore in year 2013-14 and the market share of uPVC windows and door profiles share was about 6-7%. However, growing awareness about the benefits of uPVC and demographic factors like rapid urbanisation, growing concern about energy efficiency, regulatory changes and aging building stock in the country is expected to change the fortunes of the uPVC windows and doors market in the country.

A United Nations report suggests that the number of Indian citizens living in urban areas will reach 900 million by 2050 amounting to 55% of its population. Massive construction is underway to respond to this urbanization. It has been estimated that the total built space in India would increase five-fold from 2005 to 2030, and by then more than 60% of the commercial built space would be air-conditioned. Over the next 10-15 years, the share of uPVC is expected to grow over 30% in both new and replacement sales, majorly fueled by the large, high rise apartment projects in urban cities.

Primarily the market is growing due to the fast growing awareness of uPVC products, more and more people and getting to know about the benefits of UPVC and have started demanding for good quality uPVC systems.

UPVC door and windows are long term investment in a home. So you need to be very clear on which profile to buy as the market is already flooded with large number of players offering upvc Products.

Characteristics of good upvc windows & Doors

  • Good quality of UPVC meet an international standard and are strictly inspected and go through various tests to ensure a quality which is acceptable around the world.
    • The profile produced in Europe must not contain lead (which is toxic) as it is prohibited by EU, while profiles produced in India are not subjected to EU norms. So, in India, uPVC
    profiles are often contaminated with hazardous substance like lead. Majority of uPVC profiles don’t meet the standard
  • Premium uPVC manufacturer uses a formulation that meets the weather conditions in India. The right levels of all components are critical. “Titanium dioxide” provides the UV stability
    and therefore colourfastness for the white profile. This compound protects windows and doors from discolouring. Titanium has a very high price. Premium uPVC window producers use the right amount of Titanium, that’s why premium uPVC windows are priced high.
    • The complete manufacturing process of profiles produced by ENCRAFT is controlled by established process control. Therefore, the proportion of formulation in all profile will have the same standard.

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