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Benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors

Benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors : Safe, secure and comfortable

Windows and doors are essential in any building, yet we often install inefficient windows and doors which makes the home uncomfortable.

The solution to this is to install windows and doors that allow light into the home, but keep you comfortable, irrespective of the weather conditions outside. You would have read about many benefits of upVC Windows and Doors as its been in the country for more than 2 decades but have become more popular in the past 6– 8 years.

The Indian uPVC doors and windows market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.0% during 2015-2020. The major drivers of the Indian uPVC doors and uPVC windows market is rapidly growing due to increased awareness of the utilities of uPVC Systems. The major growth is coming from new housing construction and replacement activities. Another important factor that has driven this market is its tangible and intangible benefiting features, such as the uPVC doors and windows are thermal, and water-and wind-resistant. They are corrosion-free. These uPVC doors and windows are termite free, highly sound insulated, dustproof, highly durable, and need no maintenance. They are energy efficient and could save energy up to 30% to 40%.

ARRC windows is a priority dealer of Aluplast uPVC & Aluminium Systems in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Aluplast is Germany’s leading brand in manufacturing and selling upvc window and door systems offers an incredible diversity in design and functionality while guaranteeing outstanding U values: Recessed and semi-recessed design, backstop or centre gasket systems and profiles with classical angular or round outlines.

Aluplast product range meets today’s market requirements and fulfils the highest expectations. All systems are compatible and offer the perfect solution for any purpose. Even the highest Passive House standard is not a problem at all.

Alupast are result of over 3 decades of knowhow and constant technical evolution. Not only that, our entire set up – from manufacturing to R&D and marketing – is one of the most efficient and at par with the world’s best. Little wonder that Aluplast is the market leader in most of territories, and Aluplast is already the first choice of architects and builders who want the perfect fenestration solutions with superb engineering precision.

ARRC windows gives the final shape to your windows and doors with its state of the art German machines and hardware making us the most valuable associate for Aluplast in our region, ARRC windows has given innovative fillip to traditional sliding doors and the result is – Lift n Slide Doors, Tilt and slide Doors and Fold and Slide doors. These doors are designed for larger openings for unobstructed views to give you the company of skies and stars in your room. Fully protected against wind, dust and water, the doors carry the hallmark quality of Aluplast in every respect especially strength and energy saving.

There are uPVC Doors to match all kinds of interiors. You can choose the colour and its type like the French door, Composite doors, Sliding door, Folding door or Low Threshold door based on your preference. The Unique offering of Aluplast uPVC systems are that they also come with dual colour options where you can have your choice of colour of wood finish frame matching your interiors or flooring and solid colour for your exteriors.

Aluplast’s high precision engineering makes the windows and doors virtually impenetrable meeting top of the industry standards for thermal as well as sound insulation. In addition to this, they offer effective protection from weather, burglary and UV radiations. ALUPLAST profiles are also electrically non-conductive and fire resistant.

Aluplast uPVC doors and windows are sturdy, rust-free, UV resistant and come in various hues. It is aesthetically unmatched, and can be installed perfectly in virtually any size of windows and doors. 100% Indian product, ARRC windows meets the toughest of European standards.

For further details you would write to us at sales@arrcwindows.com  or visit us at www.arrcwindows.com and our experts will attend to you requirements at the earliest

uPVC windows with many options to choose from

uPVC windows with many options to choose from.

The best interiors are those that script the beauty of your inner self. Then what blossoms is only warmth of love. On the front of fenestrations, ARRC understands different moods, preferences and choices. That’s why ARRC windows and doors are manufactured with flawless perfection using most advanced German Technology. Little wonder, ARRC Windows is the first choice when you set out for the right fenestration for your interiors.

ARRC uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors are manufactured with state of the art technology to meet the highest quality standards. So, be it our uPVC Windows or Doors, or our Aluminium or SS Railings you are sure to get a number of unmatched benefits with them. For example, ARRC uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors are termite proof, sound proof, and water resistant and UV resistant. They also offer excellent thermal insulation, so you need to use less of air conditioners and heaters, allowing you to save on energy bills. With this list of advantages, our uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors are indeed the best option for your home and office.

Living in comfort and style takes the next step ahead of others by transforming your home with UPVC Windows and Doors, uPVC windows and Upvc Doors are increasing becoming popular in India because of their low-maintenance features which ensures they will look their best for years to come and as good as the day they were installed. All you need to do is wipe it with damp cloth from time to time to eliminate any built up grime. This means you can enjoy great looking windows without ever having to lift a finger.

With ARRC uPVC Windows you can give your room an instant face-lift, changing the interior decor instantly and making your room noise proof. With increasingly busy lives, low maintenance products are becoming increasingly important to home owners. We want a stylish and flawless looking home that requires as little effort as possible to stay looking its best – while many products may require maintenance yearly, UPVC pretty much looks after itself – saving you time and money in the long run.

Designed with careful consideration of the Indian weather conditions, these windows are of supreme quality and keeps your room free from dust, termite, storm and monsoon so that the interior furniture is not affected. We bring you an array of designs in UPVC Windows which include sliding window, casement window and two sash window or TwinSash designed in European fashion but made to withstand the Indian weather conditions. You have a wide option in choosing colours, shapes and design from our range of UPVC Windows that come in a variety of finishes.

At ARRC we are rewriting the history of windows & doors with its technology and faith and now meeting customers from all over the world. Constantly researching and innovation, a new product hits the market every year. All engineers of ARRC make every effort for customer’s satisfaction and success.

We use Aluplast Profiles in all our windows and doors and these profiles are certified to and operate an Integrated Management System (IMS), covering ISO9001, ISO140001 and OHSAS180001 standards ensuring that all our operations meet international standards, covering design, manufacturing, supply and service. As Windows and Doors are built on hardware and are major components of the windows and doors we use the world’s best Hardware systems manufactured by Roto- Germany’s leading Hardware Company.  Taking into consideration quality, style, elegance and innovation, we strive hard to stand up to the expectations of our customers at all times.

With the help of a hardworking team of dedicated professionals, state-of-the-art technology and our fenestration experts, we maintain a perfect equilibrium between energy efficiency and an easy living. Choose from our extensive collection of stylish doors and windows to add a touch of personalized styling in your living space or offices. Our product range boasts a wide variety of casement doors and windows, sliding doors and windows and combined doors and windows.

Give us a chance to serve you and let you take back home an enriching experience! Please send in your query and we will get in touch with as early as we can.

What are the benefits of #ARRC uPVC doors?

One of the best things about any type of uPVC door is the difference it will make to the look, insulation, maintenance, and value of your home. You can be rest assured that if you have ARRC uPVC windows and ARRC uPVC doors installed in your home you will reap rewards in the value that these things will add to your property. The basic facts of all #uPVC doors is that they have greater weather resistance and durability than traditional wooden doors, they are often more secure than traditional doors because they are harder to force open and break in.

In addition to the above the insulating properties of uPVC doors means that your stress levels resulting from the noises outside your home will drop, as you are insulated from the greater part of such noise. #UPVC doors are #eco-friendly and #energy-efficient because they keep the draft and hot air out of your home, and the expensive cool air inside your home. Most people who have UPVC doors fitted to their home find that after a while they are able to make significant savings on their air-conditioning and energy bills.

If you want to be comfortable and dry this summer then you will be amazed at the difference UPVC front and back doors can make. The majority of people experience problems with drafty hallways and kitchens, when you have UPVC doors fitted the problem with drafts simply disappears. While there are different types of UPVC doors, each of the various type of UPVC door that is mentioned below is generally offered in a range of sizes, shapes and styles. You can have both interior and exterior UPVC doors, and after the front door, probably the most popular type of doors is UPVC French doors.

#Front and Back Doors

What you do about your front and back doors is extremely important because your exterior doors are important for your home security. Make sure that whatever doors you choose for the front and back entrances of your home are robust enough to deter intruders. The most robust #exterior doors on the general market today are those that are made from UPVC.

Of the several different types of UPVC doors that are available, probably the one that most people have is the #Casement Doors. These doors are noted for their durability and strength. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The basic type of front door will have a door knob and multi locking system. These Doors come with multiple glazing options for noise insulation. The really good thing about #UPVC Casement door is the fact that it is storm and #weather proof and unlike traditional wooden front doors it will not swell and warp when exposed to excessive moisture. If you want to pay more for your front door then you can have one that looks exactly like the wooden entry doors that you are used to.

A uPVC  casement front door will not let in the drafts as these doors are designed to fit snugly within the frame, your new door will also keep the cold air inside your home, which means energy savings. You can also opt for zero threshold doors for ease of movement without any obstruction and a customised security grill for added security.

The basic #back door has the same insulating properties as the front door comes in various styles. You can opt for sliding doors in case you have a terrace or kitchen garden at your back yard as it saves a lot of space and gives you wide opening making it apt for evening get together or large gatherings. These doors are maintenance free and have over 40 year of life span or even more.

Market trends on uPVC windows in Madhya Pradesh and technical advantages of uPVC Windows & Doors

Market trends on uPVC windows in Madhya Pradesh and technical advantages of uPVC Windows & Doors :

Windows and doors play an important role in design aesthetics and energy performance of buildings, be it commercial, institutional or residential. They provide physical and visual connection between the inside and outside and enhance the overall appeal of the building.

Rising demand for well-designed windows has led to innovations in the quality and texture of the windows. Beyond aesthetics, windows are expected to perform other functions such optimizing day-lighting, insulation, energy conservation, and noise attenuation and pollution control. There is great demand for upvc windows and upvc doors that needs lower maintenance and are made of energy saving, efficient materials. With the increase in consumer aspirations, premium quality products have achieved a higher and faster market penetration globally.

The door and windows market is growing at a very fast pace, as people are getting exposed to innovative products and increasingly looking for enhanced lifestyle and living standards. The shifting interest of people towards the inclusion of UPVC windows in India offers great potential for premium products and brands to set up and grow their business in the country.

Globally, uPVC windows and uPVC doors have been well accepted, with wide usage, due to better aesthetics and excellent insulation characteristics. We have seen a shift towards the usage of uPVC windows in India now as a result of the growing focus on energy efficient performance for homes and buildings. It is poised to achieve a higher and faster market penetration in the years to come.

Double glazed windows with uPVC frames are proven performers in reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling and consequently over their whole lifecycle can reduce a building’s greenhouse gas emissions by as much as half compared to the use of aluminium framed windows. uPVC is effectively replacing aluminum, steel and timber now.

The multiple advantages and benefits of uPVC make it a versatile fenestration choice because of its strength, durability, low maintenance, energy efficiency, and sustainable qualities, as well as its resistance to corrosion, dents, and scratches.

Earlier, windows and doors in residential and commercial constructions in India were merely looked at as apertures in the wall, and traditionally made of mild steel, wood or aluminium and simple float glass apart from some basic hardware such as handles, shoot-bolts, hinges, etc. However, windows have come a long way from being insignificant to being recognized as the single most important area in the envelope or shell of the building for preventing energy loss and providing in-habitat cmfort.

Since the past decade, the Indian fenestration industry has undergone a huge metamorphosis with newer windows and doors technologies and materials facilitating these changes. World’s leading upvc manufacturing Company Aluplast India offers over 30 different variants to choose from depending on your requirements like, Fold N Slide Doors are best suited for large balconies or garden openings as it transforms your home by adding natural light and improving security and access. They help bring the garden into your home in the summer, and keeps your home warmer throughout winters.

The bestselling doors today are the Tilt N Slide doors inspired by the most popular European concept of tilting and sliding the door sash which allows the provision of a dual compression seal and provides the maximum ventilation and glass area.  The dual compression seal offering in these doors gives excellent insulation from sound and dust alike and it come in a wide range of wood laminations to choose from. The Company’s latest offering includes Lift N Slide Doors which is recommended for extra-large sizes doors and it offers special solutions extend the room beyond its real borders and thus create a new sense of space. Extremely low thresholds ensure barrier-free connection to the outside. Large-scale glazing creates more light and freshens up the interior of the rooms. Explore other unique offering from ARRC uPVC windows and Doors  at www.arrcwindows.com

Switch to uPVC Doors and Windows to enjoy matchless benefits

Switch to uPVC Doors and Windows to enjoy matchless benefits:

ARRC Windows is pioneer in providing extensive range of windows and doors in Madhya Pradesh that meets all the modern requirements of renovation and new construction applications in residential and commercial buildings. With nearly 1 decades of expertise ARRC Windows has completed over 5000 projects all across India which includes both commercial as well as residential projects. ARRC WINDOWS is renowned for the most innovative, well-engineered designs. ARRC WINDOWS offers an advanced range of window styles that can be mixed and matched for new buildings and replacement applications. Whether it is a folding door, sliding door or a casement door, a tilt n turn or twinsash window you are looking for: with Aluplast  uPVC window and door systems the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

With a wide range of colours and multiple configurations to choose from, our windows visually enhance both the interiors and the façade of any home. ARRC WINDOWS offers dual colour window frames in stylish double glazed and energy efficient window systems to compliment your home. The high-quality compound used to create the renowned ARRC WINDOWS smooth gloss finish ensures that the windows retain their pristine appearance indefinitely.

Outstanding colour fastness and gloss stability

The foil used on ARRC WINDOWS window systems are specially formulated to meet even the most intense UV radiation in the Indian region, ensuring years of colourfastness.


ARRC WINDOWS processing eliminates delamination through the use of a quality control process and premium adhesive materials. ARRC WINDOWS’s foiled/laminated profiles do not chip, warp or rot!

Chemical resistance & EASY CLEAN

ARRC WINDOWS quality foils clean easily with most commercially available detergents and non-abrasive cleaning agents. Thanks to its very low surface tension, low-static ARRC WINDOWS’s laminated window systems are dirt repellent. This eliminates any potential loss of surface colour or shine during cleaning.

Tailor-made noise protection system so nothing can disturb your peaceful world ARRC WINDOWS’s Prestige Design is a window system perfectly designed to reduce sound transmission. The dual compression gaskets assure the tightness of the windows and doors.


Combined with suitable glazing, ARRC WINDOWS can insulate interiors from sounds of up to 40 dB. This easily exceeds the recommended sound-proofing level of 30 dB for sleeping in a residential area.

Reducing energy loss with energy efficient window and door systems


A considerable percentage of cooling energy is lost due to thermal transfer. State-of-the-art window systems plus clever design from ARRC WINDOWS make it possible to keep the heat outside the building and thus save resources as well as significantly reduce CO2 emissions and operating costs. While frames made of aluminium or any other metal tend to scorch, ARRC WINDOWS uPVC is such a poor conductor of heat that you can lean on it comfortably and enjoy the comfortably and enjoy the views even on the hottest of days.

Write to us at info@arrcwindows.com  to know the best windows or doors appropriate for your home or office. Also visit our website for further details www.arrcwindows.com

Are the uPVC doors and windows better than wooden for aluminium windows and doors?

Are the uPVC doors and windows better than wooden for aluminium windows and doors?

As a fenestration expert, I would say deciding which medium to use when it comes to windows and doors needn’t be confusing. In India, we currently have the choice of wood, aluminium and uPVC. All three of these have benefits that one needs to consider but, ultimately, it comes down to personal taste, fenestration and budget. If you are having trouble deciding, have a look at the pros and cons of wood, aluminium and uPVC below to help you make an informed choice.

Wooden windows and doors offer warmth and beauty. As with most natural elements used in building our homes, wood requires attention and care. If treated correctly, wood will last for many years. It is very important to ensure that your wooden windows and doors are sealed with the correct product, in the correct manner, BEFORE installation. Paying attention to this detail will ensure that your wooden windows and doors last and last. Windows made from quality timbers by specialist joineries are hard to beat on most levels.

Advantages of wood:

  • Wood is aesthetically pleasing
  • Wooden doors and windows can be customised
  • Wood has good natural insulation properties
  • Wooden doors and windows are energy efficient
  • Wooden doors and windows come in a variety of finishes
  • Wood is stylish

Disadvantages of wood:

  • Wooden doors and windows require regular maintenance
  • Wood is more expensive than aluminium after glazing and painting or varnishing

Aluminium windows and doors:

Aluminium is the ideal medium for windows and doors in India homes. The major problem with the aluminium systems available in India are its quality. To reduce cost the manufactures compromise on the quality of the material used and the finishing, otherwise a good quality Aluminium system is available all over the world comes with unlimited range of colours and sizes. When installed correctly, aluminium windows and doors will meet all your environmental regulations. Heat loss can be kept to a minimum with the correct glazing choice for your aluminium windows and doors.

Advantages of aluminium:

  • Aluminium is currently the most cost-effective option in Indian market
  • Aluminium doors and windows are customisable – particularly for unusual openings
  • Aluminium comes in 4 standard colour options and an endless variety of custom colours
  • Aluminium windows and doors are easy to install
  • Aluminium is virtually maintenance free
  • Aluminium windows and doors have a modern, streamlined design
  • Aluminium will not rot or perish

Disadvantages of aluminium:

  • Low quality Aluminium frames have air leakages and it is not energy efficient
  • Low quality Aluminium frames are not suitable for High-rise as they cannot take high wind Pressure.

uPVC windows and doors

uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) is relatively new to the  Indian building industry as a material for windows and doors, but has been used in Europe for many years. The energy rating when using uPVC is very advantageous and it has excellent insulating qualities – particularly in acoustic environments. At the moment, painted uPVC windows and doors are expensive in SA but, if you are choosing white for your windows and doors, this will be very competitive if comparing like with like (same sections, hardware choice and quality) to wood and aluminium.

Advantages of uPVC:

  • uPVC has excellent insulation properties resulting in high energy efficiency.
  • uPVC windows and doors come in many attractive designs.
  • uPVC windows and doors carry long warranties
  • uPVC windows and doors offer a tilt and turn, Lift and slide, Fold and slide etc..options
  • uPVC is maintenance free
  • uPVC extrusions can be recycled
  • uPVC systems and available in various colours are most popular in wooden shades in India
  • uPVC systems Fold and slide and Lift and slide are built for wide opening and can fill up large spaces most effectively

Disadvantages of uPVC:

At the moment, uPVC windows and doors are seen to be more expensive than wood and aluminium in India, since the way these products are compared by the layman is usually flawed. There are more cost effective ranges available, and these offer a reasonable alternative.


Upvc doors and windows for modern homes

Upvc doors and windows for modern homes:

Whether designing a residential, commercial or institutional building, architects and owners carefully consider the qualities and long-term advantages of fenestration materials. Windows and doors provide essential protection and architectural character to a building and also adhere to various owner-driven requirements including aesthetics, cost, performance, maintenance and life cycle. Earlier, windows and doors in residential and commercial constructions in India were merely looked at as apertures in the wall, and traditionally made of mild steel, wood or aluminium and simple float glass apart from some basic hardware such as handles, shoot-bolts, hinges, etc. However, windows have come a long way from being insignificant to being recognised as the single most important area in the envelope or shell of the building for preventing energy loss and providing in-habitat comfort. Wood as the mainstay for doors and windows is fast making way for uPVC frames in most of the new, big residential projects, a switch to an eco-friendly alternative that requires little maintenance too.

As we are aware and is also a the proven fact that upvc doors and upvc windows have several intangible benefits over their counterparts as they are fire, wind, and moisture resistant, aesthetic, long lasting, thermally and acoustically insulated, and can be customised according to individual requirements. It is a low thermal conductive material and is proved to prevent loss of energy by up to 30-35% and also prevents thermal bridging, thus avoiding condensation unlike aluminium. uPVC never rots, flakes, rusts, fades, pits, peels or corrodes. It needs only a light soapy wash and a check of the seals for maintenance.

Globally, the uPVC window and upvc door system market share ranges from 60-80% in most countries while the predominant material of construction in India is still timber (in rural and in upper end constructions), mild steel (in low cost housing) and aluminium (in urban constructions). The Indian window and door market was around INR 12,000 crore in year 2013-14 and the market share of uPVC windows and door profiles share was about 6-7%. However, growing awareness about the benefits of uPVC and demographic factors like rapid urbanisation, growing concern about energy efficiency, regulatory changes and aging building stock in the country is expected to change the fortunes of the uPVC windows and doors market in the country.

A United Nations report suggests that the number of Indian citizens living in urban areas will reach 900 million by 2050 amounting to 55% of its population. Massive construction is underway to respond to this urbanization. It has been estimated that the total built space in India would increase five-fold from 2005 to 2030, and by then more than 60% of the commercial built space would be air-conditioned. Over the next 10-15 years, the share of uPVC is expected to grow over 30% in both new and replacement sales, majorly fueled by the large, high rise apartment projects in urban cities.

Primarily the market is growing due to the fast growing awareness of uPVC products, more and more people and getting to know about the benefits of UPVC and have started demanding for good quality uPVC systems.

UPVC door and windows are long term investment in a home. So you need to be very clear on which profile to buy as the market is already flooded with large number of players offering upvc Products.

Characteristics of good upvc windows & Doors

  • Good quality of UPVC meet an international standard and are strictly inspected and go through various tests to ensure a quality which is acceptable around the world.
    • The profile produced in Europe must not contain lead (which is toxic) as it is prohibited by EU, while profiles produced in India are not subjected to EU norms. So, in India, uPVC
    profiles are often contaminated with hazardous substance like lead. Majority of uPVC profiles don’t meet the standard
  • Premium uPVC manufacturer uses a formulation that meets the weather conditions in India. The right levels of all components are critical. “Titanium dioxide” provides the UV stability
    and therefore colourfastness for the white profile. This compound protects windows and doors from discolouring. Titanium has a very high price. Premium uPVC window producers use the right amount of Titanium, that’s why premium uPVC windows are priced high.
    • The complete manufacturing process of profiles produced by ENCRAFT is controlled by established process control. Therefore, the proportion of formulation in all profile will have the same standard.

You could choose from over 30 designs of upvc doors and windows to know more you could log on to http://www.arrcwindows.comor write to us at Contact Form


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